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Yonezawa Engineering Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (YEA) is a treading company that specializes in engineering solutions. YEA was established in December 2002 with capital provided mainly by Yonezawa Koki Co., Ltd. of Japan. Since its establishment in 1954 as a specialized trading trading company, Yonezawa Koko has consistently provided a wide range of manufaceturing technologies, products and services centered on machine tools to customers who are the backbone of japan’s manufacturing industry

With manufacturing activities expanding across national borders today, the issues facing the production shop floor in the Asian region are much more advanced and complex. At YEA, we are constantly striving to advance our products and services to an ever higher level by perceiving customers’ immediate needs and acting vigorously to meet their requirements.

We provide total support for manufacturing operations, including both hardware and software solutions, toassist the further innovations and griwth of our customers, not only in Thailand but also throughout the entire Asian region. This ranges from proposale for manufacturing facilities to post-installation main-tenance, as well as CAD/CAM, DNC and process management systems.


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